I have a website selling routers online, Draytek’s mostly. I think they are excellent and the company is pretty good too.   I’ve started this blog because I want talk about broadband, routers, other network devices and maybe some other ramblings. Truth is I would like to sell some more of them as well.  I will permit myself to digress should I come up with anything I particularly want to ramble on about and to keep this more interesting, otherwise it might get too dry.  I hope people will contribute and expand on things, I don’t mind being corrected should I get something wrong.

I like plain English a lot so whilst there may be some Jargon, I will elaborate where I think it’s needed.  I want people to understand the technology even if they are not techy themselves.  I even hope I might attract a few technophobes.  I will try and keep my posts to digestible chunks.

About me

Stuart Chalmers

Stuart Chalmers; I’m old enough.  Working life; I spent 20 years in IT.  I ran a telecoms business for 7 years and still dable in it.  I’ve done various other jobs in-between.

For fun I like to play drums in a band.  I flew gliders for 13 years and instructed other people on how to fly them.  I like to try some action stuff now and then like skydiving, paragliding, cycling is good etc etc.  I casually like bonkers Japanese stuff such as their adverts, their bands and Wasabi!

I Want Routers


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